Duvel 8,5%

The world of Belgian beer is known for its many beers, but also for its many breweries. We offer many small professional brewers, but also very large ones. In general, they have a rich history, where the establishment for many centuries could go back in time. So this Duvel Moortgat brewery was founded in 1871.

Judas 8,5%

It is a beer of high fermentation in whose process of traditional elaboration the best selections of barley are used (to elaborate the malt), wheat and hops, brought of the Bohemian region. After bottling it undergoes a second fermentation and is left to mature for quite some time, resulting in a beer with a pleasant body and a rounded flavor.

La Trappe Rubia 6,5%

Dark brown with a small foam that lasts. Malta caramel, dark fruit, a little cardboard smell. Flavors of minced fruit, yeast, caramel malt and cardboard. I love the dark fruit of raisins and plums. ä De Koningshoeven Brewery created this wonderful beer and proudly presents this product in our online store. The Trappe Doubleä is brown and has a pretty large and creamy head. This glorious craft beer has a beautiful body and a wonderful aroma.

Liefmans Rosé 4%

Its sparkling aperitif beer, with its pale red color, is the best in the elegant and playful glass of Liefmans. Enjoy the fresh and intense flavor of strawberries, raspberries, black cherries, elderberries and blueberries.

Chimay Azul 9%

To celebrate Christmas of 1948, the monks of Chimay decided to produce a Spéciale Noël. But from the moment his new cooking room was opened (in 1954), it could be said that every day has been Christmas. That's when the Chimay Bleue (Blue), that same Spéciale became part of the standard range of the Trappist brewery. And in fact it is a special drink, the strongest of the three Chimay Trappist beers available in the market.


Heineken 0,252,75

Heineken Pint5,50

Lagunitas IPA 5,75

La Chouffe4,95


Paulaner white5,75


Kopparberg strawberry-lima5,20


HeinekenLong Neck 3,50


Amstel Radler 3,50

La Trappe Rubia 6,5%6

Westmale triple 9.5%5,95

La Trappe Quadrupel 10%5,75

Grolsch Beugel 0.45 cl5,00


Palm 6%4

Leffe Rubia 6,6%4,25

Leffe Negra 6,6%4,25

Duvel 8,5%5,00

Piraat 10,5%5,25

Kasteel triple 11%5,75

Kasteel extra 4,25%4,25

Chimay roja 7%4,30

Kasteel rouge 8%5,00

Meredsous Blond 6%4,25

Kwak 8% 4,75

Liefmans Rosé 4%4,00

Mort Kriek 4,3%4,50


Brewdog Elvis Juice5,50


John Smith4,50


Passoa, Malibu, Sambuca 3

Pisang Ambon3

Apfelkorn 3,50

Bols Blue, Baileys3,50

Licor 43, Safari3,50

Coebergh Bessen3,50

Martini Bianco, Rosso3

Tia Maria, Frangelico3,50

Ponche, Cointreau3

Campari, Ricard3

Berenburg, Vieux, Jägermeister.3,50