If you have any questions, suggestions or want information about events or reservations for groups please contact us through the following contact form.
Or calling the phone:

937 67 81 86

    Celebrate with us

    Do you have something special to celebrate or are you looking for a suitable place to organize something with your company? If you want, Kings Grand Café can prepare you absolutely everything.
    Ask what options there are in the bar or contact us by sending us an email or through the Contact page of our website.


    For groups we offer the possibility of organizing a customized menu, even with dishes out of our standard menu, as long as you tell us in advance what you would like us to give you.
    Ask at the bar about what possibilities there are or get in touch with us.


    Celebrate your birthday at Kings Grand Café, we will organize a night that you can not forget! We can even get you an authentic Dutch birthday cake. Let us know at least a week in advance so that you arrive on time.
    And ... if you celebrate your birthday at the Taverna Amsterdam with 8 or more people, we will give you a bottle of cava that will be cold and ready to serve during the dinner (Tell us in advance how many you will be).